What Inner Radio Station Are You Listening To?

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While speaking with a client the other day she said to me that she finds herself judging harshly the people around her, whether it's at work or at home. She didn't like this tendency, but it has been a big part of her mindset for decades. I proceeded to ask her how judging others makes her feel. She thought for a while and replied, quite shocked with her discovery, "Isolated."

She remained quiet, surprised and quite emotional, finding one of the root causes of the loneliness she experienced in her life. This was an enlightening moment for her. Could it be that the cause of one of her problems was right within her? That she was creating it? And yet this is more common then we may think. I hear this often from my clients and have to admit that I've been there myself.

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Discover the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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"Hypnosis with Lynne helped me to open my mind to new possibilities. Everything is easy from that perspective." Maureen M.

At the core of all main contemplative traditions is that it's  essential to understand the nature of one's mind. With that understanding, comes the realization that our mind often rules our life. Through the gentle technique of hypnosis, you can become the master of your own mind, and thus the master of your own destiny. There's no greater power than this: your mind is your life! Whatever you do, wherever you are, it's the quality of your thinking that matters. Your laughter and tears, confidence and embarrassment, creativity and motivation: all of these are influenced by the very quality of your mind.

"You Are What You Think!"

It isn't always clear whether we control our mind or our mind controls us. If on reflection we come to realize that, in fact, we aren't "running the show," there
is a way to turn this around—a natural means by which we can access our own deep inner wisdom and thus regain control.

How does hypnosis work and exactly what does a session entail?

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Regression: A Powerful Catalyst for Moving Forward

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Regression: A Powerful Catalyst for Moving Forward - by Lynne Cardinal

"Yesterday's regression session completely AMAZED me. It is beyond a doubt the single most profound experience of my entire life. An indescribably huge weight has been lifted off me. The words "thank you" fall far short of the appreciation that I'm feeling for what you did. I actually woke up with a smile today for the first time in as long as I can remember." P.M.

We all carry our own personal history. People come to me and share how they're carrying the past on their shoulders, and that despite memories of events that occurred sometimes 50 years ago, they still feel their effects today, in this very moment.  Often events were misunderstood by a child's perspective, with a child being unable to understand all of the factors involved in a situation. Perhaps out of love the parents relocated their child temporarily, but from the child's perspective it meant being abandoned. Maybe one parent passed away and the child felt rejected or unloved.

Through hypnosis it's possible to redefine our views of our personal history. For example, consider the client who was temporarily relocated as a child: we can age-regress and decide how to re-interpret the situation. We can have the parents provide exactly what the child needed, irrelevant of all other
factors, or we can connect with the fact that they truly were being loved and cared for. The resources of affection and caring can be provided through suggested interactions done under hypnosis. In helping to change the perceptions of personal history through hypnosis, very tangible relief can be felt in just a few sessions.

"After my session with you I felt the tightness in my chest totally gone.
And it has not returned since." A. N.

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Habit Formation: Desperately Seeking Freedom

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Isn't it strange that, despite knowing something is bad for us, we sometimes feel compelled to keep doing it? Most smokers, if asked, would tell you they want to quit. Drug and alcohol abusers have a similar struggle. Within our contemporary context of relative abundance, overindulgence on food can also become yet another engrained habit.

What happens in the brain as habits are formed?

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7 Key Benefits of regular Tai Chi Practice

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In our busy world where most of us have regular desk jobs with an over-emphasis on mental
activity it is no wonder that so many of us are disconnected from our physical bodies.  We tend to live in the head and thus our awareness of our physical body let alone our subtle or energy body is woefully inadequate.  The result is that we are living lives of imbalance and less than optimal well-being.

The practice of Tai Chi has many benefits which can address these short-comings. Specifically, here are the 7 key benefits which will manifest through regular

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Hypnosis for Pain Management

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Whether pain causes stress or being stressed worsens pain, it is clear that stress and pain are intimately related. The great news is that hypnosis can help break this cycle.

Years ago, when I lived in India, I inadvertently learned about the stress/pain connection and how hypnosis helps.

During a visit to the dentist, he proclaimed that the nerve in my tooth was dead so he saw no need to use freezing. He was wrong. He started to drill inside my tooth and the pain was so excruciating, it was like a powerful electrical charge was shooting through my body.

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Vous pouvez créer votre monde

3 Punta Cana Jan  2012

Chaque jour, nous créons la façon dont se déroule notre vie. Et pourtant on oublie cette étonnante apacité que nous avons à créer notre propre monde.

Au réveil le matin, nous ressentons parfois un certain mal à l'aise face à la journée qui nous attend.  D'autres fois, on suit le flot des événements de la journée sans trop y penser. Et puis la vie passe. Et nous ne faisons que réagir ou répondre au déroulement des événements, mais souvent sans accéder à notre potentiel.

Les «bons» événements génèrent de la satisfaction et les événements désagréables ou inattendus peuvent être une source considérable d'insatisfaction, et parfois même de colère ou de douleur. Donc les journées s'écoulent et nous "suivons le flot" de ce que la vie nous donne, de façon plus ou moins impuissante.

Mais au fond, une partie d'entre nous sait que nous avons un potentiel inexploité et qui pourrait peut-être devenir plus manifeste, si seulement nous pouvions l'animer. Si nous voulons manifester plus de joie, plus d'amour, plus de patience, plus de discipline, nous pouvons le faire, il ne s'agit que de le planifier.

Comme hypnotiseur, j'ai appris que nous pouvons changer nos humeurs ainsi que nos perceptions du monde. Nous pouvons planifier nos actions quotidiennes et leur donner la direction désirée en appliquant des techniques très simples et pourtant si efficaces.

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Quelques grains de sable : L’art de la méditation

Extraits d'une entrevue avec Lynne Cardinal par Tanya Witteveen, pour sa maîtrise en Cinétique Humaine à l'université d'Ottawa.

Tanya : Lynne, pourrais-tu expliquer la façon dont la méditation fonctionne?

Lynne : La méditation traditionnelle sert d'outil pour apaiser l'esprit, pour créer un sentiment de paix profonde à l'intérieur de soi. Lorsque ceci est atteint, un nouveau type de conscience jaillit, une perspective qui ne peut pas être rejointe par un esprit hyperactif ou anxieux. Ken Wilber, un philosophe contemporain de renommée internationale, dit : « La méditation démontre empiriquement des techniques qui accroissent l'estime de soi. » En effet, la méditation nous procure un sentiment constant de confiance en soi.

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